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How to order (Free shipping)

1.Submit jerseys order.

Submit jerseys order method :
Please check the stock list on website, then confirm your order details ( team name,player name and #.colors, Buy Quantity, Request Sizes), then send your order info to our email.(Note:"stock list" means theres which jersey we got ready in wearhouse.we can send them asa payment.of course,you can pick the order by the full list on first page of website.we will get them from factory for u if the jerseys out of stock)


2.Seller confirm stock. After we receive your order info, we will reply email to you for confirm stock and sizes and total amount for your orders.

3.Buyer confirm payment. If you receive our confirm order info, please finish the payment , after payment, show us your

payment info.

If you are paying by western union, please email us your western union payment detail:

--1. MTCN ( Money Trasnfer Control Number)
--2. Money Sender's name.
--3. Money Receiver's name

If you are paying via bank transfer, please send bank slip or bank receipt for our financial man for verify.

If you are paying via pay pal please send us email to remind us!

If you need not the order , want to cancel the order, please reply us for cancel your order.

4.Seller shipping goods.


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